Great Service, Great Mechanics….car runs excellent, recommend to anyone looking for a new car shop.

Jose D. South San Francisco, CA

I’ve been here numerous times and every time I’ve been there they were able to fix the problem. Everyone there is very nice and helpful with a good sense a humor. They try and get the job done as soon as possible which is great cause i need my car for school. I would highly recommend going here for all your repairs they do a great job and let you know about  other things that may need to be done to your car before the situation gets worse. can’t say it enough go here! You won’t be disappointed. I’ll be there soon guys for my heater!

Antonette R. San Francisco, CA

I found this place while i was pumping gas, it just happen that my engine light was on for a few days and i didn’t get a change to get it looked it.  Initially I wanted to take it to the Dealership but was afraid how much it would have cost me.  I asked Oscar, the Service Manager and he told me they can fix my problem within a day.  I was also offer a rental car for the time. I WAS IMPRESSED!!!!… They didn’t take me to enterprise like the dealership does.  They handed me a car key and told me the car will be done in a few hours.  As they promised, I was able to pick up my car that evening and the engine light was not showing anymore.  A few days later, I went bank for an oil change, it costed me a  little under $30.  My last oil change costed me $80, sigh..Anyways, I will definately go back and refer my friends.

Judy T. South San Francisco, CA

I’ve been taking my car to DAS auto service since they opened up last year. The entire team is experienced, informative, and trust-worthy! And most importantly, price competitive!!! I recently got into a car accident which severely damaged the front right side (just to name a few of the major damages: fender, spoiler, hood, windshield and windshield washer tank all needed to be replaced/refinished). Due to the trust that I had with Oscar (customer service manager), Quan and their team, I opted to take my car in to their shop for repair. Throughout the time the car was in the shop, Oscar was nice enough to provide updates. I got my car back in a week and the result was higher than I expected. Bottom line, I live in the East Bay and it’s worth my time to drive all the way up to Colma – these guys know what they are doing and they will provide reasonable, competitive pricing.  These days, it’s not very easy to find a mechanic you can trust!

Joel B. San Francisco, CA

I have a new mechanic — Das Auto!!  Oscar was reassuring on the phone, made an educated guess about what was wrong and then dug into the engine to check.  When he called with the diagnosis, he told me exactly what was wrong, what was needed, and how much it was going to cost.  Then he suggested some additional work that was going to be needed soon but could be done now to avoid additional labor costs later.  I had them do the work.  My car was ready ahead of schedule, the price was exactly what Oscar said it would be, and my car is running great!  LIke I said at the beginning, I have an honest mechanic who knows my car and who I can trust.  What a blessing!!

Sue T. Pacifica, CA

What I have read about these guys is true! Oscar is in a class of his own.I have seen customers walk in and are treated like they have known each other for years. He is always positive about making me look at the pro’s instead of the cons . Oscar if you read this …Thank You! My Audio is running AWESOME!

Jackie O. Daly City, CA

DAS AUTO is the best. I have been bringing my VW’s to Oscar & Quan for 3 yrs, since they opened the shop. Then 4 yrs before that, when they ran the dealership shop. Their reputation is unmatched. Honest, friendly,& they take time to talk with you. They help maintain my VW’S & anticipate to prevent future issues. Both my autos have over 125,000 miles. Without DAS AUTO they would not still be on the road. I recommend DAS AUTO to all my family & friends. Classy, family friendly,simply the best in South SF

Jeffrey E. San Francisco, CA

These guys are the sweetest mechanics. All of them have helped me with my troublesome blue beetle!! The first day i went in, my car hadn’t passed smog and desperate to fix it i googled some local auto body repair shops and this one was the closest, so i stopped by and within minutes they told me what i need, how much it would be and how long it would take. Since then i’ve only taken my car to them. Oscar is amazing! I definietly recommend this auto shop.

Melissa S. Daly City, CA

Finding a good auto repair shop you can trust is not that easy, Oscar is awesome , helpful and honest, he tells you exactly what he sees, what work is essential and why I will recommend this shop 101%

Johnny F. Colma, CA

DAS Auto Repair is by far the best car repair experience I have ever had.  This business is about listening to and developing honest and professional relationships with their customers.  Their level of expertise is evident with their skilled research and knowledge of this industry.  Consequently they provide their customers with the best and most affordable options they can.  Being new to the area and coming from a rural east coast environment I didn’t know where to go or who to trust.  Typically many businesses seem to do anything they can to make a buck, especially when they see a  woman coming.  Oscar is not like that.  He’s more than fair, has a strong sense of integrity, mechanical expertise and knowledge as well as a conviction to understand each individual’s particular needs.  He understands people and will do all he can to help them.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s not a pushover!  He’s as professional and business savvy as they get.  He will work with you to get your car back on the road in tip top shape.  I highly endorse this business and will continue to put my trust in this unusual company.

Joyce B. Pacifica, CA